Happiness is always readily available for you to receive it. Some people get lost on the path and don’t know which way to turn to find it. However, happiness is YOUR birth right. Whether it be to build a business, grow a family, buy a beach house or whatever your dreams and desires may be you own it, design it, and allow it to happen for you. Through online courses, one-on-one coaching packages, and blogs I share the knowledge that I have and will learn with you to help transition you to where you want to go as smooth and fast as possible.

How great would it be to have everything you have ever wanted? What if all it took was one connection? Someone who gave you an unapologetic, safe place to talk about your dreams and fears. Someone who helps you dig down deep into your heart to find the right solution? Someone who plans the steps to help you reach your destination faster by breaking down the walls of fear and limiting beliefs and releasing them? Someone to help you build confidence and improve life as a whole? Look no further. You are here.

I started coaching three years ago. I was in a rut myself. Unhappy with my job and myself I just knew that depression wasn’t the only way to live my life. I saw other women happy, healthy ,and doing what they love and have passion for while making money to support themselves. I started coaching health and fitness. Helping other women better themselves really motivated me and brought me out of the deep hole I found myself in. I wanted to help with more and felt limited just coaching health and fitness. I found a business coach and a spiritual coach on social media and started heavily stalking their free content. The business coach had started out as a Life Coach helping locals. Everything that she described about coaching sounded like ME. I knew right then that this was what I was meant to do. I have had plenty of experience helping people all of my life just didn’t know the word for it. I started right away. Reading all of the personal development I could get my hands on, watching Youtube videos, signing up for online courses, building my website, and getting my name out there on social media.

With a world so divided this is the answer. Educating people and helping them live their best lives. Happiness was the answer to the problem and I am here to spread the world of love so that it expands even faster than the hate and separateness. The world is in need of light workers and positivity and I know you are in the right place at the right time to shine and show other’s that it is okay to live a life of your dreams. It doesn’t have to be hard.

My hopes are that you can learn from the trial and error that I had to experience to get to exactly where you would like to be faster.

So if you desire to:

– Live Your Dream Life Helping Others and Making More Than You Ever Dreamed Of

– Have A Purposeful Career You Can’t Wait to Wake Up to Every Day

– Have Freedom of Time and Schedule that You Can Work From Anywhere

– Leave a Meaningful Impact On The World and Make The Change You Wish to See

Then this is your calling and the sign you asked for. I can’t wait to talk with you and see the vision you have for your future!



Referrals are one of the biggest compliments you can give me. I love when my clients see such great change and results in their life that they would share with someone so close to them!

To show my appreciation for getting the word out I am offering ten percent of the price paid after a sale is made to you for referring my newest client to me. You can use this as a credit towards anything that I am offering or in the form of a Visa Gift Card that can be mailed to you directly.

Spreading happiness, Love, and ease are my passion and I need to get this message out to the world so thank you for taking a moment out of your day to share.


Olivia Wineman