6 Week 1:1 Private Coaching
I am Olivia Wineman- Life Coach, happiness motivator, planner of Life by Design, student of A Course in Miracles, firm believer in Law-Of-Attraction, manifesto, wife, mother, and daughter.
A strong-willed woman who was never okay with being told how she should live how she should do things. A non-believer of cookie cutter life going to college, starting adult life thousands in debt, working a 9-5, wishing life away for two days of freedom per week. A person with a strong passion to help others life a life beyond their wildest dreams while getting paid. All the events in her life led her right here. Experience and motivated.
I am offering a divine opportunity to you to change your life in the greatest of ways possible. To live abundantly on your terms. To drop the struggle and start LIVING in each moment to the fullest of what you are capable of fearlessly. To heal past wounds that are holding you back. To break the negative habits, you have learned over time and replace them with positive habits filled with love to lift and guide you. To make the scary leap of faith and start that thing you have been putting off for far too long because of all the excuses and limiting beliefs that were standing in your way.
This Coaching Packing Includes:
6 Weeks of:
One forty-minute phone call per week
Unlimited emails or Facebook messenger for questions
Plan of Action Steps to reach your goal the fastest way possible
Access to digital courses launching during our six weeks
Access to any bundles released during our six weeks
List of Personal Affirmations
Weekly Guided Meditations
Weekly homework for growth
Introduction to Manifesting and the complete process I use to see results
Gained Confidence to move forward
Your time is now. I have limited spots available. You have already waited this long so don’t let another moment pass by doing something that you don’t want to. Wishing and dreaming of a different life. The possibilities are endless and happiness is your birthright. You deserve this. We will get together to schedule sessions a week or more in advance to give you time to adjust your schedule accordingly to make time for you.
Our sessions can be done from anywhere making this transition as easy as possible for you. They can be completed over the phone or by Skype. All homework assignments will be sent digitally through email so that you have access to your information anywhere any time.
Investing in yourself can be uncomfortable, especially if this is not something you have done before, but I am going to let you in on a free lesson on why you should invest in yourself.
This physical experience only provides so many minutes and you are not promised a length of time that you will be here. You have an extreme power that no other living or nonliving thing processes. You own the power to choose. You can choose to live life on auto pilot struggling. Living for your minimal time off to try to catch up and do things you enjoy maybe if time permits. You can choose to remember the same idea for that thing you have been wanting to start and research, but keep pushing off because the unknown is scary and uncomfortable. You can start and restart relationships over and over not knowing why they continue to fail. You can live with that upset feeling in your stomach knowing that you were meant for more in this life than the same rat race getting nowhere.
You can commit to growth in this life because it is yours. Own it. You can choose to live life on purpose with a purpose. You can choose to make your own schedule and do what you want to on your own time. You can work from wherever you are comfortable. You can choose to live life beyond your wildest dreams doing everything you want to while getting paid for it. You can start a new hobby or business right now and profit. You can live life with your dream spouse making memories and start a life together. No more starting over. You can feel an amazing sense of relief and gratitude for what you have built. Something that if you wouldn’t have taken the leap you would have been jealous of. Abundant in knowledge, time, love, and happiness… how could you go wrong?
I can help lead you to greatness, but I can’t do this for you. So, if you are ready to commit let’s do this, but don’t waste your time. Be open minded and willing to make the leap for yourself. I’ll be waiting for you on the other side!
Full Pay Option
Payment Plan