A Little Change, And a Whole Lot of Happiness

Do you remember that time when people were generally kind to each other?

Before social media rolled out, it was rude to ask someone who they voted for. Mother’s didn’t ask each other if their children had been vaccinated before a play date. Pre-teens all went through an awkward stage while trying to figure out how to dress and do make up. Neighbors made decisions on their property, but asked their neighbors how they felt first if it would affect them. Friends with different political views could hang out together without anyone getting offended. Everyone took responsibility for their own actions and consequences.

It seems like things are different now. And the world is always changing. Yes I wholeheartedly believe we should take care of ourselves and put ourselves first, but to what degree? I don’t believe in telling someone their views are wrong. I don’t believe in putting anyone down to get to where you want to be. Stepping on people to get there. I don’t believe in labeling someone who I don’t see eye to eye with as inferior or unworthy.

We all are living life through our own individual eyes. We see things differently. We taste things differently. We do things differently. But we are all one energy that came from the same source.

I love reading different theories on life, the afterlife (death), and what happens after the afterlife.

I was reading this particular take, and unfortunately it was years ago and I don’t recall who wrote it. The opinion was that yes we are all one united energy in different bodies. You are every person you see. You live as yourself in your life, the other person in that life, and another person after that. So technically you are your mother, father, sister, brother.. etc. You live all of those lives. Time doesn’t exist. So when you look at a stranger they are you in a different life.

I like the “oneness”. I do believe souls get to live a physical life whenever they wish to. Maybe not necessarily EVERY life, but some. But I found that theory very interesting. Very humbling.
A good way to put the lesson forward. How you should be kind to yourself and others and treat them the way you would want to be treated because essentially they are you.

Food For Thought.


Olivia Wineman

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