A Negative Mindset Does Not Equal A Positive Life

So let’s say you get invited to a birthday party. You think of the most wonderful gift to give your friend. You just KNOW they will love it. You track it down. Wrap it up in a pretty bow. And count down the days until the party. Excitement building every day.

And then it’s show time!! You show up to the party early ready to go!!

Your friend starts opening gifts. The suspense is killing you!! They finally get to yours open the card, read it open the gift, and with no emotion they set it aside and move on to the next one.

The disappointment you feel is overwhelming and the flood of questions comes over you.

Now that you have looked at it through the Universe’s point of view.. are you going to jump with excitement yelling ‘THANK YOU I LOVE YOU” every time you receive a gift no matter the size?



Olivia Wineman

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