Midwest raised, mouth of a sailor, mother to one daughter, rescue dog mom, wife, daughter, and sister.
I never settled well in school. I wasn't the type to sit still in a stuffy classroom and do busy work with teachers who were over worked and under paid. Most at that point were burnt out anyway. I wanted to go out and do my own thing my way. That being said you could probably image my parent's had a rough time with me and rules. I wasn't out of control just wanted independence. There was resistance and I believed moving out at 18 was the answer.
High School Teen working full time, paying bills, and trying to survive the rest of high school. The boy I moved out with was not the right match obviously and he ended up moving out. I ended up pregnant next with my gorgeous gift of a daughter and was left with the grown up decisions I wanted! This life wasn't just mine any more! I had another life of a small human to worry about.
My parents welcomed us both with open arms and helped me raise this sweet little infant. I went through my fair share of failed relationships with all the wrong men and tried to save money in hopes of getting my own home with my little one.
I met the love of my life and we meshed fantastically. Same goals and desires really make a difference in building your family and life. Unfortunately, a few years into our relationship and a few months into renting our first home together he was involved in a horrific vehicle accident putting him in the hospital for a month and out of work for three months. Already battling depression this just put the topper on the cake for me. We needed money and I needed help out of my funk. I knew I was unhappy with myself and taking it out on my family was wrong.. I had turned to food for comfort and this caused me to gain an unhealthy amount of weight.
I decided to pull up my big girl pants and join a gym. I ate my last pitty party cheeseburger in the gym parking lot and walked inside. I immediately felt judged by the girls at the counter. They were fit of course and obviously had a great relationship with each other. I quickly found out their backgrounds and I could have not been more wrong. The girl behind the counter had been through struggle and back and works her ass off to help others transform their lives. She was very kind to me and encouraging. On weekends I saw her work with HUGE groups of woman and they all got along really well. I wanted to help others just like she has and needed some extra cash. I found Beachbody INC. I could help coach on my own time and transform my own health!
I absolutely loved fitness and wellness coaching and I was seeing fantastic results in my own health! I did feel limited and wanted to help in other areas of life.
I found Amanda Frances and Gabrielle Bernstein through personal development that I was doing. Amanda Frances started out as a life coach. In her work she does mention how she started and I knew this was my calling. I started to take courses and help others for free. I created my website and here we are!n
I am now married to the love of my life, a mother to an amazing little girl, and a BUSINESS OWNER helping others live a life of their own design!!
This is truly my passion and I can't wait to wake up every day!n
-Olivia Wineman