Books have Souls

When I was younger I only read what I had to in school to get by. I can’t focus on subjects that I do not enjoy therefore I developed a limiting belief that I didn’t enjoy reading. Until everyone once in a blue moon a teacher would assign us a book that I really enjoyed then reading was a breeze and I was finished with the book ahead of time because I just couldn’t put it down. 

Then my sister and mother introduced me to the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series. I had those read in a few weeks. After I finished those , however I struggled to find something else that I enjoyed. So I stopped looking. 

When I started my first business, a MLM, it was a requirement to study/read personal development. I dreaded the subject anyway, who were they to tell me what works with my life, but I also believed that I wound’t find another subject that I enjoyed reading.
Until I bit the bullet and started. I was very lucky at first and found multiple books that I genuinely enjoyed. I was looking everyone for suggested ready and dove in feet first. A few books I didn’t enjoy and would stop and move on to the next, but I always keep the books I buy anyway because I have found that we need different information at different points in our lives and we process the information we receive differently at different points in our life. So while we may not enjoy or need what we are taking in or reading at that very second we might need it later. I always try to go back to the books I didn’t finish to see if we are a “fit” later. And I have found that 8/10 times I do enjoy them another time. 

I feel like books are underrated teachers. But just like energy you have to be a match with what you are putting out. You might not need that teacher today, but you might tomorrow so don’t give up on it yet. If you find after multiple tries that you just don’t fit. Maybe, it’s time to part ways. And that’s okay. I find it hard to force yourself to finish a book you just don’t connect with. I end up staring of into space or severely procrastinating. If i’m meant to read it, I will have a very hard time putting it down. It’s obvious to me. 

Just In Case you are looking for a suggested reading list… I am putting one together right now to post onto my website. I have read about a lot of different things and some things helped and other’s didn’t help. But that doesn’t mean that you are the same when it comes to reading material. You may have found love in what I didn’t. So I will include topics with the books that I post so you can do a quick scan and see what calls out to you!! Keep your eyes peeled!


Olivia Wineman

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