Consistency is Key

When making changes in your life for the positive.. the key is consistency.

You have made the effort to alter your normal and think outside the box. You have found the things you love and light you up. Now you want to be wishy washy and do it every six months and expect results… mmmm noooo… would you expect that from a diet?? I wish ,but unfortunately you can’t eat healthy once and expect a six pack to pop through.

If you really value your time. And you really value the journey and progress you have made stick to the plan. Whatever you have to do to make sure it get’s done.. do it..

A few weeks ago I had an entire day to myself to do what I wanted. My mind started running.. all the endless things I could do with that time!! I was pretty productive.. I cleaned and did some laundry. And then I sat down on the couch. I then realized I had two choices.. I could start a movie and be consumed in a zombie like trance for hours while this movie played.. or I could be present in the moment and do something that really made me FEEL good. So I got up and worked out, meditated, listened to meditation music for like three house after while I did more laundry, shaved, and showered.

After that I could have said that’s enough i’ll zone out in T.V or my newsfeed, but I didn’t. I asked myself what would make me feel good right now? I made my family dinner from scratch and cleaned up the kitchen.. which future Olivia appreciates!!

And after it was over I felt sooo accomplished! My energy actually was higher than I know it would have been if I would have just sat on the couch.

As much as you don’t feel like it in the moment. Count down from 5.. 5-4-3-2-1 and just do it. Think of how much better you will feel afterward.


Olivia Wineman

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