Future Olivia Watches my Back…

I am 100% behind living in the now.

We can’t tell the future so worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet is pretty much useless, unless it’s saving the future you some time and headache. Then by all means get the life insurance and schedule your business blogs and posts. 🙂

I’m talking about the things that you obviously have no control over. Worrying about sickness, the weather, the logs on the logging truck (if you have seen final destination), MONEY.
My husband told me something once and it really stuck to me. Money comes and goes there will always be more. That guy… I just love him.

However, like I mentioned do the things that benefit you in the future. I schedule my blogs months in advance. Why? In a business perspective it gives me more time to roll out other content. And it ensures that without fail you will have the blog to read each week. On a personal perspective.. I do lots of things and may or may not forget what day of the week it is. That’s why I sometimes don’t post my blogs to social media on time or the day after when I realize that it is in fact Thursday not Wednesday… My blogs are consistent. Every Wednesday. Never Fails. And I am PROUD of that. My clients and potential clients have their free inspiring content to help in all the ways possible.

So future Olivia does watch my current Olivia’s back so that she can live in the moment and not beat herself down when she forgets what day it is.

If you can not do this for yourself on the things you need to get done. Look into hiring someone. I was talking to a friend recently about something she knew she needed to get done, but just couldn’t. The thing being over her head took a toll on her and without a doubt caused stress and worry. I suggested to her to hire someone so that she knows it will get done. She doesn’t have to think about it anymore clearing space in her mind for other things. And that STRESS holding her down will be done. She will be supported in ALL the ways. If you can do it.. do it. If not.. delegate it.

Watch out for you.


Olivia Wineman

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