How do you hold faith until you receive?

I’ve had people ask me how I hold faith that my business will continuously grow enough that I can quit my day job.

Are all days rainbows and fairies? Absolutely not. But everything that I coach I practice myself.

I know exactly what I want. (To have an overflow that I could not physically spend all of, even when trying. To help/provide a service that helps as many people as possible. To solely support my family and every last desire they could ever have. To be a positive household name.)

I know that this is already mine. (If I have the ability to dream of it.. it already exists in another time just waiting for me.)

I am clearing all limiting beliefs that tell me that I can not have it. (Beliefs that I have learned or formed over the years that do not serve me.)

I am doing all of the inspired action (I am creating new content, paid content, free content, making lists of things that I can do to move forward.)

I am staying as high vibe as possible. (I am making small choices every moment that support myself and my ideas staying in that high vibe)

I know it’s coming. It has to. I am always supported. I was born for this. Am I open to other possibilities.. YES! Every inkling of an idea of guidance I check out. I am not controlling the Universe or forcing it’s hand. That doesn’t get me anywhere at all.

I trust. I have faith in divine timing. And that is enough. See you on the other side.


Olivia Wineman

Here is a free journal prompt if you are having trouble with these steps..
Write out a day in your perfect life. If money wasn’t an issue. Be as detailed as possible from start to finish. Use your five senses. What do you see, smell, taste, touch, hear? This is how you get clear on what exactly you want.. the next steps I listed above. 😊

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