I Don’t Have Time To Do Things For Me-

Let me just start this out with a BULLSHIT.

This used to be one of my biggest excuses. Yes people are busy. Yes people work. Yes people take care of their families. Yes people take care of their house. I GET IT 100%.

I’m not saying that I have more going on than you do.. not saying that at all. We all have our own schedule going on. What I am saying is that time doesn’t exist. Time is a made up thing by humans that was supposed to help us.. really is it?

We rush around all the time to get here on time and there on time. IT IS EXHAUSTING. Have you ever noticed how when you take time off and get away from your normal surroundings so you are just focused on the necessities how much BETTER you feel?? The Beach does that for me.. and I am manifesting my house there right now so I can blog from my ocean view front porch just a few steps away from the water.. it’s happening and yes I plan on losing all track of time as soon as I arrive. But how much better you feel. It’s drastic. That is because it is un-natural to you and your existence. Your Soul knows that you are free to be,do, have whatever you want. And you don’t have to have a damn clock to tell you where to be when!

So when clients come to me and they are like, “But Olivia I have so many things going on. I am soooo BUSY. I just don’t have time to do all of that personal development and working on myself stuff. At least until my kids leave the house! I don’t understand how you get it all done.” Because I CHOOSE to! I choose to believe that I will get it all done. I make time in my schedule to get it all done! And if I change my mind about something than that’s okay! It is my schedule to make and my time. I can do with it what I please.

Did I believe this at first? Uh Hell no.. I was saying the same things that you are. But I truly looked at my schedule. Wrote out a list of what I do each day and how long I do it for.. there was a lot of time that I wasn’t really doing anything productive.. scrolling social media, looking at the weather, watching t.v for hours. All this time or even just a fraction of it I could use for something that improves my life.. reading, meditation, exercising.. whatever!

So I started consciously making the decision to do things that improved my life instead of just sitting mindlessly on autopilot. Daily life started improving and I found more and more time to do things that I wanted to do. It is possible. For You and Me.

Yes you absolutely have time. You just need to figure out where it’s going, what you are doing with it, and see what can be changed. The power is yours.


Olivia Wineman

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