Let’s Put This In Perspective-

I am writing this blog on 9/11. Videos and pictures of the tragic historical terrorist attacks from eighteen years ago are filling social media and news outlets in remembrance.
Being an empath I feel the pain other’s feel. So I have been carrying around sadness with me today. I am trying not to hold of dwell on it, but it is challenging. 

A trigger has also come up multiple times today. Any time I have heard someone complain I get extremely frustrated. I am usually very patient, but it’s not there today. I took a moment to look within to see why I am getting so frustrated so quickly. And then I realized… Almost 3000.00 people lost their lives 18 years ago. They had no idea when they go up that morning that this would happen. Their loved ones had no idea this would happen. And within hours all of their lives were changed forever. 

We don’t think of these circumstances every second of every day and I definitely don’t suggest doing that. We can’t dwell on the negative or we will attract more. However, this is a great reminder of perspective. The moments that affect many and the moments that affect few. It doesn’t matter. Things happen every day in all parts of the world. We might not enjoy the 90 degree weather outside and it’s okay to wish for something better, but remember the person you might be complaining to may have just experienced something that changed their entire world. 

So let’s try something together. Instead of focusing on every thing that we don’t like at every moment. Let’s focus on how we wish it would be. Let’s focus on the positive aspects. The things we are grateful in every moment. This positivity spreads. Just like the negative does. But, can you imagine how different the world would look and how less and less evil we would see if everyone was spreading kindness and love??? We could literally prevent more attacks. We could move mountains. We are all so powerful. 

So when we have a moment of I wish things were different… think of the way you would like it to be. And then find every single thing you are grateful for around you in that very moment. Change the energy and change the world. Change the perspective. Change the future. 

I truly hope I see the day!! Until then I will keep teaching the principles I have learned. 

P.S I realize I may have judged these people in the moment today. I have already forgiven and released my feelings. I have understanding that they didn’t really mean any bad by what they had said. Their words were just a lesson that needed to be taught and a great reminder for myself. 


Olivia Wineman

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