Manifesting your ideal body

I have been consciously “working” on my body since… lord knows when.

I remember being a pre-teen and having that bloated belly pre-period days.

And then after even with my VERY active lifestyle I could get four abs to show through, but those bottom two would never seem to surface.

And then when I got pregnant everyone told me my body would “bounce back” right after birth. Not if you eat whole packages of oreos and drink gallons of milk after finishing off a box of Velveeta mac n’ cheese it won’t.

And then the rock bottom depression cheeseburgers to treat myself for not quitting the day job that I loathed!!

Life happens.. limiting beliefs happen. So what do we do about them?

The same way we manifest money or anything for that matter is the same process. Yes weight loss OR GAIN too.

We get clear on the body we desire. For me: (Thin face and neck, toned traps and shoulders, the exposed collar bone, toned strong arms, flat lightly chiseled abs I want to see some lines, love handles non existent, toned lifted butt, strong toned legs)

Ask yourself WHY you want this body?
How would it make you FEEL to have this desired body?
Who does it benefit?
How does it benefit them?
What beliefs tell you that you can’t have that body?
Ask yourself if each and everyone of those beliefs are ultimately true?
Rewrite your new story/belief.
Affirm that new belief until you TRULY believe it without question.
Do the inspired action. Listen to your body- it knows what it needs.
And believe you can have it with all that you have!!

Here are some generic weight affirmations for you- these have helped me so much. It can be so frustrating to work so hard and not see results. That time ends now.

I get to have the body I want.
I am losing/gaining weight so easily.
It’s just melting off.
Lean muscle is just building up.
I love how I look.
I love how I feel.
My body is so healthy.
I look great in all of the clothes.
I am so confident about my body.
I love my body.


Olivia Wineman

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