Missing Those That Have Moved On

I was thinking about my best friend and her little girl today. Her beautiful little girl moved on last year after being here for only two years. My heart hurts for my best friend, fellow mommy, and just an outstanding human being.

I don’t believe there is a measure of time that can weaken the heart ache.. but she has a kick ass support system. She will see that smile again someday.

I have talked about grieving time before. People always wonder what the appropriate time to heal is. I don’t believe there is one and I don’t believe such limited beliefs should be shoved onto someone going through something of this magnitude. It takes adjusting of course especially having someone in your life daily to not seeing them anymore or having to care for them.. especially a child.

Some days are a little better than others, but there is always that missing piece. It makes you physically sick.

Moving on to the afterlife is just a part of the life and experience we choose to have before we are born. Our loved ones are not really gone. They are just in a place in their existence that we haven’t reach yet. They are waiting for the day that they welcome you just as you are after you have lived your life and existence of course. They want us to live. They want unlimited happiness for us.

I saw a picture that really hit me in the feels. It was a grieving family knelt next to their loved one’s bed after they had passed. In a bubble above the loved one who passed they were being greeted by family who had passed before them. It said something along the lines of perception. We may be grieving a lost loved one, but can you imagine how EXCITED they are to see their loved ones that they haven’t seen in so long.

I’m not saying we can’t miss them.. miss them with all you have. Feel the feelings completely whenever you need to, but make sure you take care of yourself and don’t forget to live your life. Do things you love. Things that light you up. Things that you used to do with that person in honor of them. But don’t lock yourself up away from all things and people. Even if you feel like that’s all you want to do.. I understand, but life doesn’t wait. And your loved one’s don’t want you to either. They are still there with you. Talk to them. Cry to them. Listen and see if you hear a message or look and see if you see a sign. They are everywhere.

Take care of you.


With Love,

Olivia Wineman

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