Negative Neighbors

We have all experienced a moment when you are high vibe and living life in a pure positive place, and some is in the vicinity with their all negative life hating vibe and it’s bringing you down!

I get it. It sucks. And being an empath makes it a little more difficult. I pick up on emotions HARD without anyone saying anything at all. Change in voice tone, expression, personality. I FEEL their emotions. Keeping my positive flow has proven to be very challenging for me as it may be for a lot of you as well so here is what I do.

Do your best to keep your focus on your side of the street.
– We do pick up on energies especially if they are directed towards you, but try to just keep your eyes on your side of the road. Stay focused on your task at hand. Get in the zone!
Smile at them.
– Sometimes all it takes to lighten the mood is a smile. Just someone acknowledging your existence means the world, but the reminder of kindness can also help.
Channel Positive Thoughts.
– Sending loving thoughts and prayers can be received just as well as the negative vibrations someone puts out. It’s all energy and we can all feel it! So send some positive vibration. Even if they don’t know it was you most times this can be an immediate mood lifter.
Pay Them A Compliment.
– “Hey I noticed how well you did on the last conference, xyz has really improved and I think we have YOU and your hard work to thank for it all! Thank you for all of your efforts!”
Have Sympathy.
– Maybe someone lashed out at you and your anger is going 0-100 real quick.. your first reaction is to last back out. Stop yourself, be aware of where you are headed (not going anywhere you wanted to today), count down backwards from 5 (5-4-3-2-1), take a deep breath, and think of the worst possible thing that they may be going through. Maybe their house is in foreclosure? Maybe a close family member is very ill? Maybe they just haven’t had the stress relief they have really needed for a long time and then are wound tight? Maybe they are hangry? Have sympathy for what they may be going through that you are unaware of. Let go of the resentment and move on with your positive flow.

Your mood, vibration, energy doesn’t have to match what is in your current environment. There are many ways to protect yourself. The one’s I mentioned above are definitely a huge help, but there are some more woo-woo ways you can also try.

Crystals, Sage, Reiki, are just a few.

You are in charge of your experience. You choose what you let in and what you put out. No one else!

So do a little dance. Sing a song! And live a joyful life.


Olivia Wineman

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