“No” is a complete sentence

“No” is a complete sentence- Kyle Gray Medium

How often do you do things for others even when it depletes your energy or means doing something you really don’t want to do? How often do you take your own self into consideration when asked to do something?

If you are anything like me telling people “no” is very difficult.

I have this deep rooted fear that I will need to ask a favor one day and no one will help me because I told them no one time ten years ago. Or that they won’t think I care for them.

But the truth is people can see when you have respect for yourself and you teach them to respect you by showing them you respect yourself. If you don’t value your time neither will they.

So how do you start saying no when you have been saying yes for so long. You just start. Do you have to be an asshole? No… just lovingly decline.

“That just doesn’t work for me at the moment.”
“I am feeling under the weather, so no, not this time.”
Or simple and straight to the point. “No.”

Time and time again I am telling my clients their energy is important and should be priority. You can’t pour from an empty cup and I find that our friends and family are much more excited to be around us when we are not crabby and short.

So make yourself a list of all of the areas that you are saying yes to when really you want to be saying no. Review the list and start practicing. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but with practice it get’s easier over time.

And another important note, give your friends and family permission to tell you “no”. Don’t get offended or take it personally when they try to protect their energy.

You are valuable.



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