Ohhhh So That’s What I am Supposed to Learn…

I just realized something this morning.

Remember that awareness thing I always talk about… yes it came in handy.

I see someone supporting this business all the time. Liking, commenting, sharing posts, sending referrals. Anyone that owns their own business knows that passing their name and engagement on posts amplifies the post’s reach to others.

It kind of irritated me to see that person showing so much support, but not willing to support my cause. (Ego Olivia Ego) They think my business is small and unimportant. They think it’s going to fail. They don’t take me or my business seriously.

So I’m off in my pity party ego mindset. Driving, falling down the hole, when I stopped and realized what the hell I was doing…

This person has NEVER said any of those things to me. I have zero proof that they believe those stories I was telling. So where was this coming from? Me. It was coming from my own ego mindset. These are limiting beliefs that are surfacing.

The day before I surrendered. I asked for guidance. I asked for a sign.

This was my sign. I still have limiting beliefs there. I still have shit that needs clearing. Is it that person’s fault? Absolutely not. Am I glad my awareness kicked in? Absolutely.

There is something to be said about assuming. It’s not always someone else. Especially if you have no proof they feel the way you assume they feel. And be careful. What you are projecting may very well be something you are actually feeling inside.

These limiting beliefs are what keeps us small. They keep growth away and they keep you wondering why you aren’t moving forward. They are life lessons. Junk that needs clearing before you can move on to the next level.

No one is immune to limiting beliefs and life lessons. We all have them. Even the gurus who you think have it all together. Trust me they have their own cleaning to do. So put on your cleaning gear and get started.

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Olivia Wineman

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