Past Life Regression

You ever get those thoughts over and over and over again?

I keep thinking about past life regressions and the old soul theory. Who was I in my past life? What did I do? Was I essentially the same person living in a different era?

So many questions!!!

I feel drawn to subjects, and places. I have knowledge of subjects that I haven’t learned about.
Deja vu like a mother. Feelings of already haven done something. Dreams that don’t make very much sense. Or dreams about being a completely different person and even a different gender. So many things.

I believe we have the choice to live more than one life. Our soul collects knowledge and infinite wisdom over the course of many lives, because time doesn’t really exist.

So why don’t we remember? I believe subconsciously we do deep in our soul, but we get so caught up in our current future. Just like when we don’t remember being a baby. All of the outside influences get us caught up.

So how do we tap in to find out the answers to our questions? Well, there are a few ways. Both involve getting quiet and out of your head. Meditation, hypnosis, past life regression. There are practitioners and coaches who can help. But simply asking the question you can receive an answer if you truly believe you can. Don’t question the answers you receive. The first thing that pops into your head, your intuition, is very important so don’t discount yourself.

You are a powerful being. The answers you seek are readily available to you at all times. Trust yourself.


Olivia Wineman

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