Persistence is Key

I am very strong willed.. if you know me personally you probably know how true that is. When I get my mind on something.. it’s going to happen. Especially when someone tells me that I can’t do it.. watch me.

So when I first started my entrepreneur journey I was frustrated, but determined. The MLM I belonged to had sooo many people. Soooo many trainings. Soooo many products to learn. Of course by the time I had joined it was already full circle popular. In the good and bad way. People had negative opinions about the people who were rude and just tried to shove information down people’s throats. I just wanted to help people feel good like I felt. I had a message that needed to make it to the masses.

I did the training’s. I listened to the videos. I followed the successful people. It was kind of frustrating.. all the hard work and hours put in I didn’t feel like I was helping many people. I wanted to do more. I wanted to help with more!! But how!

I started my own business. Teaching what I wanted. Selling what I wanted. And yes I have to admit it had taken awhile before people started to notice. I had to shift my perception. Of myself, my business, and my clients. They wouldn’t want to be coached by someone who wasn’t sure of them self. Someone who didn’t have any confidence.

I needed to dig deep into my own limiting beliefs and clear the shit out before I could really help the people who needed me… I also needed to stop playing small and trying to censor who I really am. I was afraid of what people would think.. but if I played it small people who need me may never find me. And then who will help them?

So maybe you finally make the stop toward something you want and you figure out that it’s not exactly what you want, but very close.. keep moving forward. Don’t shame yourself for changing your mind. You are human. You are also that much closer to where you need to be!

But if you give up you will never know how close you were to getting exactly what you wanted…

Stay alert, be aware of your surroundings, do your creative action. Live a little. And oh will you prosper.


Olivia Wineman

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