Resisting Change

I am on the top of the list for resisting change. I love my schedules. They make life easier and I know what to expect.

I was having a conversation last week with someone who was complaining about change in their work place. They said that the company would change something and then less than a year later they would change the same thing. And then another few months later it would be changed again.

I understood their frustration. Uncertainty and changing of schedules really messes with my vibe. But then I got to thinking about perspective from the company’s stand point.. being a business owner myself. The company is looking to increase profit dollars. They want to purchase something for cheaper to beat the competition and still make their margin off of the sale.. but what they are not looking at is the tension and pressure that is being put on the people they rely on to sell their product. They are having to relearn material over and over on the same subject. Yes we do expect our employees to adapt.. but stick with me.. do we expect our customer’s to have to adapt? No why should they?

Coming from a consumer’s stand point they want comfort. They also want schedule. They want to be reassured of the product they are buying yes, but they also want the service. They want to talk to someone who knows what they are selling and can answer the questions they have. How can they receive that service with an employee who is so unsure after being told to learn something repeatedly. And if the employee get’s fed up enough to leave.. they you have to completely train a whole new employee.

Where’s the profit?

I completely agree that business has to grow and adapt and evolve. That’s how we continue to grow. There are growing pains. And yes if something isn’t working we definitely need to review and make changes.. make changes.. yes.. with the entire process in mind. The customers mostly, but how would it benefit everyone as a whole… there was a little business riff off topic…

Yes this change does need to be seen by all sides and I believe people really don’t do this very often. They only see their standpoint and how it affects them.. but what if it doesn’t affect them in the way that they thought? There is always the possibility that it could make it better for all involved. That’s why I teach manifesting and schedules that we need to hold onto loosely. Yes enjoy the everyday things, but leave room for improvement. The Universe, God, Angels deliver our desires through the path of least resistance.. we could be holding on to something to come a certain way and miss the change or opportunity for it to come through a different way.

Always leave room for something better.. even if you have to change some things up.. the possibility for improvement is there.


Olivia Wineman

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