That Devine Guidance-

That moment the answer you have been asking the question for presents itself and you get goosebumps everywhere.

Most times the answers you are looking for come through people. This is because we are more open to the guidance flowing this way. People sometimes think that a booming voice will sound and give them all the answers, but could you imagine the amount of people crapping their pants if that actually happened?? Right, the Universe isn’t trying to scare you away. It wants to help, so any way that it can help you actually hear what it is trying to tell you is the way it will happen.

I have been asking a question I knew the answer to all along, but I’ve been asking anyway. The message came through very clear yesterday in the form of a live feed that I was half way listening to. I was actually going to back out of it, but felt an urge to finish. This live feed was SPEAKING TO MY SOUL. The answer was right there, and even though I already knew it sometimes it’s nice to hear it somewhere else. Validation that you are on the right path.

The answers are always provided. We just have to learn how to receive them. We have to remember how to tune in and allow. We have to remember how to listen to that gut feeling (I almost turned that live video off, but felt I needed to hear it). And I absolutely did.

What do you do with that information after you get it? Well that my friend is up to you. You can use that information for your highest good and roll with it. Or you can ignore it. That’s your choice. The Universe will not over ride your free will and it will continue to help. But will you help yourself?

I know I know. Speak to the soul!!


Olivia Wineman

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