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Have you ever noticed yourself feeling what others are feeling on a deep level? Not just having empathy for someone, but really feeling what they feel? Are you sensitive to large groups of people? Do you get headaches around them? Do you feel the need to get away to be by yourself? Do you feel anxious around them? Do you find yourself visualizing a stranger’s life? Do you find yourself trying to read how someone is feeling?
You might be an empath. 

An empath is a very sensitive, intuitive person by nature. They have a connection to emotions and feelings on a heightened level. I am one of those people. People, places, and things have energy. We can feel that energy and take on the emotions for ourselves. This is a wonderful gift, but also presents a challenge to those who don’t know what is happening or how to live with it. The tools to use to not let it take over.
My daughter has always been sensitive to other’s. You will find her helping the new kid on their first day of school. Or making a card for her teacher who just lost their mother. She helps the babies at daycare. And asks her mother every day how work way. She is just a beautiful old soul. But sometimes her empathy takes over and we are learning the tools to use when she needs them. 

Death is a very challenging topic for her. We are trying our best to help her understand where you go and why it happens. How whoever passes is never really gone forever. How their body might be here, but their soul lives on forever. She has been asking about this for years. She’s eight now. And it’s just very challenging to explain with words. Especially to someone so young. Especially to someone so sensitive to feelings. Especially when there are so many beliefs in this world and you don’t want to push yours on her. I want her to form her own religious/spiritual beliefs as my parents did for us.. but how else do you explain it?

This topic is and will be a work in progress for us while I try to find the words and pray she is understanding. 

I’m so thankful for her patience and persistence. I’m so grateful for her curiosity. I’m so grateful for her loving nature. I know she will help other’s tremendously in this world with all that she is learning, but as a mother I always fear that she is taking on too much at one time. I also don’t want to limit her experience. That line! That fine line I am trying to find. Wading out in the water together making sure we don’t loose our footing.
I am so grateful for this gift we have both been given. I am just getting my bearings with my own emphatic ways, and taking on teaching my daughter how to use hers as well is a bit overwhelming, but I know nothing is given to me that I can’t handle. The Universe has our back, and we are guided divinely. 

I love my girl so much. She is doing great things!


Olivia Wineman

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