The Waiting Game…

If you are waiting for the right time, or something to happen before you start what you are waiting to start…

You might forget about the idea in the first place. In the book “Big Magic” by Author Elizabeth Gilbert, Elizabeth describes an idea or dream as a living thing. It comes to your mind as inspiration. If you don’t take action on this idea and put it off the idea moves on to someone else who also has the option to take action and make it come to life. That’s why you hear of people inventing things and others coming forward saying that they thought of the same thing.. well who took the action to bring it to life? Exactly… Or the idea might come back to you in a later time.

You could be waiting forever. I hear this a lot about couples having children. “They are just so expensive. We are wanting to get this paid off and save x amount of dollars.” Yes I totally understand being prepared gives more comfort, but really in some situations you will never be totally ready. That thing that you are waiting on may or may not actually happen. And then what? You wasted all that time waiting when you could have made your own way and been doing it this whole time?!

You could forget. Don’t you absolutely hate when you are relaxing and BAM that thing that you forgot to do suddenly comes back to you and you are like F&#!. Yea me too. Too little too late.. or you think and think and think and can’t remember for the life of you… yea I hate that too.

So when the idea comes to mind.. first write it down.. because life. And second do it. Don’t wait. Do the work. Do the homework. Take action.


Olivia Wineman

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