The Word of Freedom and Love

A lot has changed since the girl who doubted herself and believed she needed someone else to find happiness and complete her. The girl who thought she needed to be what the world needed not who she needed. The girl who thought she could fix the broken people by lifting them up without taking care of herself or by being their stepping stone to greatness. The girl who thought success was measured by how much money you had and the things you owned.

Until she stuck her neck out and learned. She made uncomfortable decisions knowing that she was fully supported and that the discomfort was only temporary. She made sacrifices. She ended relationships. She made the change she wanted.

And then, she received a beautiful baby. An amazing husband. A fully supportive loving family from all sides. A career that she made herself doing what she wanted. Helping others, but only after she has taken care of herself first.

And now she spreads the word of freedom and love. Support and real success measured in happiness.

And this is living.


Olivia Wineman

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