What is this Vision Board Talk?

What are Vision Boards? How do we use them? What do we use them for?

What is a vision board?

A vision board can either be digital or an actual board you can physically touch. I vision board is a visual display of all of one’s desires in one place that the owner can see often.

How is a vision board used?

I collection of visual images of desires are attached to the vision board for the owner to see.

Why is a vision board used?

A vision board is used for inspiration for the owner to achieve all of their desires or goals. The person uses manifestation to achieve this by getting clear on what exactly they want, claiming the desire as already theirs, and doing inspired action steps toward their desire.

This vision board is a visual reminder of what you are working towards. It also helps you see how far you have come. The visual pictures serve as a checklist of sorts.

Very easy to do and very helpful as well! Someone who saves their vision boards can revisit them and feel gratitude for all they have received.

Send me your boards I love to see them!!


Olivia Wineman

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