What is Your Money Story?

So my husband and I have a change jar that we named our vacation fund. Every time I find change, a bill gets broken and we get change back, or the laundry god’s bless me with payment for doing laundry (It happens all the time 😊 ) we tell the Universe how thankful we are and the change goes in our vacation fund because well we LOVE our family vaca.

I write my blogs in advance so when this one goes out I believe we will be at or will already have been on our beach. Anyway, yesterday, Memorial Day, I decided to go ahead and sort and bag up our change jar to get ready for our trip. We wrap the change and trade it in for paper $$. As I was separating and counting I felt so much joy and gratitude for every cent that I touched. All of these coins found their way to us in all ways. A lot of them I found on the ground and picked up. We collected… 47.00 in change. I was so excited to tell my husband. That was a tank and a half of gas for our vacation!!! YES WINNING.

So many people step over pennies.. It adds up.

I told you that story to tell this story.

How many times have you paid for something that you didn’t agree with? Or had a negative feeling about? That tension.. that hesitation you felt. Do you remember that feeling? Why would you pay for something that doesn’t bring you joy?

This includes utilities. Mortgage. Car Note. Electric. Water. Phone.. WHATEVER. Explain to me why you are exchanging money for things you doing enjoy.

For example.. I loathe McDonald’s. I think it smells awful. It tastes awful. It gives my stomach the full on turns with weird noises. My daughter loves it so yes every once in a blue moon I do spend money on it when she decides that’s what she wants, but I do not buy it for myself. Alone. Ever. Why? Because it doesn’t make me happy.

Money is not good or bad. Money is a neutral resource. Exchanging money is exchanging energy. Would you exchange energy for something that doesn’t align with your values? No? Then stop exchanging money for things that aren’t aligning with your values.

Think of all the amazing things you could do with money! All the education you can purchase to expand your mind. All the ways you can invest to grow. All the charities you can donate to that call to you. All the changes you want.

All of the development. Growth. Expansion that you can get your energy behind.

So many people see money as evil just because this is what they have learned over the years of their life. This is what their experience and perception show them as truth. What you focus on expands. So their focus on evil and lack of money is going to grow right? They won’t see very much of something that they are pushing away because they find it evil and don’t want it around right??

Money doesn’t do bad things. Some people do bad things with money this is true. But there are also so many good people who do good things with money. The person who hands it out is fully responsible. Not the money. Money does not tell you how to spend it. You spend it how you wish. And all of those coins I picked up that were over stepped because people thought the coins weren’t good enough to pick up!! People thought that pennies were worthless. What message are you putting out there??? That you don’t want money or that you do??? Are you being a confusing person telling the universe that you want more while stepping over pennies??? PICK THEM UP.

You are in control of your perception of money. You are in control of what you exchange money for. You are in control of how you receive money.

You are in control. What you focus on expands.

So how do you change these negative money stories so you can start raking in the dough??

You identify, call out the lie, and rewrite the story.

If you are needing more information send me a message and we will see what stories we can reform.


Olivia Wineman

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