When Life Get’s in the Way of Romance

I now understand why people cheat on their spouse…

…Just listen.

I would never EVER cheat on my husband. It makes my stomach turn just saying my husband and cheat in the same sentence, however… let me get to my point.

People start out relationships and usually they are easy. You get along well, lots of physical connection. You laugh and play. You look for all of the things you like about that person. Happy Happy Happy.

And then as time moves on you start to see some qualities that you don’t like so much. You start to get into fights and nit pick each other. You fall into daily routines dragging around the craving for the “high” you felt when you first got together. You crave the laughter and the touch. The play and the sleepless nights staying up just talking about your favorite memories. You realize that the physical connection that was all the time it seemed has dwindled. You want all of those things without having to have the uncomfortable conversation with your spouse. It could cause some drama.. they might feel like you are telling them they aren’t enough when really you know life has just been busy and you both are tired.

But, you still crave that easy connection. There’s a choice to be made.. especially when someone outside of the relationship tempts you. That easy connection, that easy high is within reach. It’s right there. You could give in. Feel wanted without having to have the uncomfortable conversation with your spouse. But it would crush them. It would crush you. It would crush your family.

OR, you could have that uncomfortable conversation with your spouse. You could make time for date night. You could make time to make each other feel wanted. To feel that high with the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with. You could water your own grass instead of spending all your time at your neighbor’s house because their’s is nicer you could say.

That connection you once felt is still right there waiting for you to shake yourself out of that daily grind, to wake up and see exactly what you have right there in front of you. The person you love and cherish. You would do anything for.

Remind your spouse how much they mean to you as much as you can. Show them the love. Even if it’s just little things they all add up. They say marriage isn’t easy. It’s not some days. Some days you cry tears of gratitude that your spouse chose you over every other person in the world..

You have control of your life and your perception. Life by Design. Live it.

Olivia Wineman

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