When you just CAN’T deal-

Some days you just can’t deal. I’m there with ya. If you just absolutely can not face the public or leave your couch or hear voices without wanting to sit in a dark closet to get away. Do what you need to do.

Leave work early.
Take a sick day.
Take a three day weekend.
Hire a babysitter.
I’ve thought about this one A LOT… get a hotel room. OMG how quiet.. peaceful.. 🙂
Sit in your car.
Hide… whatever you have to do.. do it.

If you can push through DO IT. But don’t overwhelm yourself. If you can’t you can’t. You are not a failure and tomorrow is another day. The world will not end if you take a few hours for yourself. And if you are that far off than they will thank you for it anyway. 🙂


Olivia Wineman

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